Our Experience

30,000+ hours coaching MBA alumni, entrepreneurs & aspiring executives
12,000+ hours interviewing 6,000 aspiring executives from 40 countries on behaviorial psychology, decision making, emotional intelligence & cultural differences

IDEATION Coaching on successful career / leadership roadmaps & startup business models

Excel at high-level relationship building, networking, public speaking, inspiration, ideation, creativity, story-telling, sound-boarding, emotional intelligence & out of box strategic thinking, coached worldwide.

Co-Founder, The Big Hack 2011 – Present

Birthed the idea and concept frameworks around The Big Hack, which bridges corporations and utilities seeking innovation with young innovative 17-24 year old undergrad computer science “hacker” students. Idea is to bring about fresh ideas around how software can impact Energy Management, Energy Efficiency and Energy Usage and provide greater insight.

Extensive customer and business development – over a 10-month period attended 80 conferences on Innovation, Venture Capital, Clean Tech and Entrepreneurship. Asked questions during 500+ meetings to determine what the pain points are, what the opportunities are, what resources are in place and what gaps exist.

Largest Hackathon held to date at UC Berkeley and Stanford with excess of 100 students at each event in April 2012.

Todd Park, Assistant to the President and Chief Technology Officer at the White House for the Obama administration keynoted the first Hackathon.

Dan Reicher, Assistant Secretary for Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for the Clinton administration keynoted the second Hackathon focused on energy efficiency apps.


Co-Founder, Berkeley Stanford Clean Tech Conference Series 2006 – 2012

Birthed idea and concept around The Berkeley-Stanford Clean Tech Conference (BSCC), which connects Industry, Academia and Policy on a single platform to jump start innovation and help engineering, business and policy students’ transition to clean tech.

Responsibilities: Strategy, Marketing Outreach, Business Development and Vision Setting. Joined UC Berkeley, which excels in engineering research and problem solving with Stanford University, which excels in applied engineering and commercialization.

8-Sold Out Conferences to date. Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, keynoted the 7th conference.

Conference topics include: Electric Cars, Big Solar, Energy Storage, Smart Grid, Electric Cars 2.0, Distributed Power Generation, Sputnik 2.0–Race for Green Jobs in China and US and Clean Tech Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets.

Coached the Department of Energy on insights and frameworks for jump-starting student led clean tech entrepreneurship.

Leadership and Executive Coach, Global Now 1996 – Present

Creating strategic roadmaps and key milestones to dramatically increase results for clients. Facilitating and developing key traits in clients over the past 15 years who have gone on to become senior executives at Honeywell, Google, Medtronic, First Solar, John Deere, etc. Answering the question: What is the magic formula for climbing the corporate ladder & building success?

Coaching expertise includes: leadership, decision-making, communication, and emotional intelligence skills. Also active listening, negotiating, personal branding, influencing upwards and building a top tier mentor network.

Client base includes North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East and Africa. Conducted behavioral interviews on fast track career professionals from 40