How We Coach


Global Now is a coaching firm that helps catalyze aspiring executives, startup founders and innovation officers.

We offer the input and insight necessary to put you on the right track towards your goals. Our approach is very hands-on, forgoing the standard co-active coaching method, and employing a more personal and interactive style of coaching. We’ve learned through years of experience and conducting studies that when it comes to coaching, a hands on experience consisting of more than just questions, is over 50% more efficient in achieving success.

  • Ideation
  • Brainstorming
  • Opportunity Generation
  • Road-mapping
  • Driving Innovation
  • Behavior Psychology
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Branding
  • Uncovering your Inner Passion

– Level 1: People come to Deep and they tell what their problems are. and Deep answer their direct questions. problems what they think their goals are. Deep listen and answer. (maybe a bit like Barry wisher). It is like the HOW. Deep answers.

– Level 2: Deep ask questions on those specific goals they have outlined. Who are you pitching to? what makes you comfortable or not? How well do you know your audience.

To help determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Help you with your awareness level in regards with the points that we talked about. How well you know the steps to get there.

– Level 3: In addition to ask questions. Deep would have given new ideas. would fit within the problem or issues you explain Deep.
Ideation. Have you thought about applying to Techstars ? ….
come up with a broader way on how to reach your goals, or addressing your issues.

– Level 4: different level. includes the others but very different.
How do you focus on the right goals and issues to begin with?
Take hindsight and see the situation differently.
Re-evaluate the framework they are working with.
2 goals. stay in Silicon Valley.
Sometimes people don’t know their goals.
Joaquin was not seeing any of this. He changed his plane ticket. arranged to stay at some friend’s in Davis.

People would fight and resist. they have resistance. low-level people want to protect their… what they have.

Help people come up with the best strategy to achieve their goals.

Learn how to get answers on their own. not the direct result.

pro-active coaching même questions à tout le monde.
temps est fini donc on va parler la semaine prochaine.

Level 1 and 2 – expert coach.
Level 3 – ideation. come up with ideas, bring framework.

Deep’s method is different and unique and special.

People get stuck because they don’t see the problem. because they think they know, and nobody tells them the problem.
They don’t ask questions. stuck situation
they are not changing the right things.

they don’t know what they don’t know.

Deeps helps you get unstuck on the problems
What’s the benefits ?
help people move forward towards their goals.
help them remove external and internal friction and obstacles.

Internal problems create external problems.
haven’t overcome the internal ones.
not at all.

Intuition. Deep has a lot of intuition. Can only see it when they benefit from it.
Asking questions and coming up with ideas.


Deep’s bringing things beyond expectations. people didn’t see.

Offer guidance, skill building, mentoring, support Perspectives (new) Identify and transform your toughest issues in business and life.

VISION: What is it you want ?  Deep identifies what are your authentic goals, respect them and and coach you on how to reach them. Focuses on getting people reach their goals.

Teach frameworks and how to use them to maximize goals reach.

FOCUS: what are the steps to get there. Road maps. What is the path, how do you choose between options. Make you take decisions based on reaching your outcomes. Make you commit to instantly move forward and measure your steps. Make people focus Prioritize !

SOFT SKILLS : understanding people’s motivations. Develop soft skills so that push career forward thanks to strong relationships. Cemented learning. Deep : application. Acting methods. Framework, how to use it, action. And then measure outcomes and progress.

REFLECTION: what beliefs need to be change?  Deep teaches you how to focus on your goals, plan road maps on how to reach them and to take immediate actions to reach them. Not only Mirroring but  Deep Helps you clarify your goals and road map perspectives on how to reach them. Make things clearer than ever. No more resistance. Neither confusion. All is clear and ahead of you.

Traditional coaching is making you comfortable with your decisions. and helps you overcome obstacles. We do something different in uncovering what drives your decisions and redefining and aligning the key elements for success.
We also do ideation or opportunity creation to accelerate our client success.

Level 3 – will not tell you that my decisions are not true to my goals.
Level 4 – Deep will tell me that what I do is not true to my goals.

It shows you have to change the definitions of yourself to be able to achieve. which is a tough work!
to create strong commitment and alignment between your BBV, decisions and goals.

Help brainstorm Strategize and refine their efforts in ..
Help people move forward towards their goals.
Help them remove external and internal friction and obstacles.

Deep excels at revealing to people what’s messy in their lives, what they should work on, what they don’t realize they need and he gives them immediate actions to take.
Makes them work on themselves, before being able to overcome external obstacles.

– Achieve what you really want in life!
– Change your definitions and Become a master at what you are not good at.
– Define, analyze and overcome what prevent’s you from reaching your goals
– Get rid of everything that prevents you from reaching your goals